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Ashok Industry
Ashok Industry

Maintenance Chemicals

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Maintenance Chemicals that find application for various purposes. Quality tested on various parameters, we assure our clients completely flawless products. Extremely effective, our range can be availed in standard as well as customized dimensions as per the requirement of our clients. Our complete range can be availed at market leading prices.

Degreasing Cum Derusting Chemical


Degreasing Cum Derusting Chemical
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(For Degreasing & Mild Derusting at Room Temperature)

CHEMIKLIN-10 is an aqueous inhibited acidic mixture, soluble in varying proportions with water. It is a very effective degreaser for iron & steel surfaces at low temperature. It has very good penetrating power to disintegrate and dissolve, machine oils, light greases, lubricants as well as light rust, either by dipping process or by swabbing.


Although CHEMIKLIN-10 is an excellent remover of grease, oil and light rust, usually heavy soil contamination should be removed first either in kerosene or by manually wiping off with a cloth soaked in CHEMIKLIN-10 solution. Similarly surfaces having extremely heavy rust formation should be removed mechanically or by means of wire brush during dipping method.


The following parameters should be followed depending on soil contamination, cycle time, etc. Actual parameters should be set after conducting initial trials.




5% - 15% v/v

R.T. - 45°C

5-30 minutes

v/v = volume by volume; R.T. = Room Temperature (20°C+)

Please note that time temperature and concentration are interdependent on each other, thus set the parameters accordingly.


Plastic or FRP lined M.S. tanks/containers should be used. Where heating of the bath is required then Teflon coated electric immersion heater should be used or external heating can be employed, but care should be taken that temperature does not exceed 45°C.


Concentration:- For heavy contamination : 50% v/v with water

For medium contamination : 20% - 30% v/v with water

For light contamination : 10% - 20% v/v with water

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: CHEMIKLIN-125
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Descaling Cum Cleaning Solution


Descaling Cum Cleaning Solution
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Scalgun-ac a chemical product manufactured by ashok industry is widely used for cleaning and descaling of condensers, radiators, coils, fins, etc. Of air conditioning and refrigeration units.

Scalgun-ac is supplied in concentrated form and is to be diluted 5 – 10 times with water. It removes mud, dirt, solids, oxidized scales, etc. From ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces without attacking metals, plastics or rubber.


Scalgun-ac is available in two standard packing of 6 kgs & 35 kgs polythene carboys. Ashok industry manufactures a wide range of industrial cleaning and descaling chemicals and is an ISO 9001 certified company.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: SCALGUN-AC
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Descaling Solution


Descaling Solution
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Descaling Solution For Solar Water Heater

Water contains various metallic salts in suspension. These metallic salts get accumulated inside pipelines, tubes, etc. in the form of scales over a period of time. These scales must be removed periodically in order to restore the efficiency of system, reduce heating time and attain the required temperature.

Scalgun Saf Liquid  (SSL) has been formulated mainly for descaling Solar Water Heating System. It is an inhibited acidic composition containing surface active agents and cleaning agents to effectively dissolve and remove all water scale deposits from Copper, Brass, M.S., S.S. and Aluminium tubes, Pipelines and Vessels. Descaling with SCALGUN SAF LIQUID is safe, simple and economical.

Descaling Procedure:

Descaling of Solar Plate Tubes alongwith Storage Tank by Circulation Method:


  1. Prepare a 10% solution of SCALGUN SAF LIQUID (SSL) v/v (volume by volume) with water in a 50 to 100 litres capacity open top circulating tank (To prepare 100 litres of SSL solution – add 10 litres SSL to 90 litres water). Tank must be made of either Plastic, S.S. or FRP/PVC lined M.S. tank

  2. Connect the outlet of this open top circulating tank by a rubber/plastic hose to the inlet of a 1 or 2 HP S.S./Plastic pump. The outlet of pump should be connected by hose to the drain valve of solar plate. Connect the outlet of the storage tank by hose back to the circulating tank

  3. Start the pump and completely fill the system with SSL solution by circulating the same for 3-4 hours preferably at 45°C

  4. Discard SSL solution and then completely flush the system with plenty of water by circulation till the pH of water reaches 6-7

Descaling of Solar Plate Tubes only without Storage Tank by CIRCULATION Method:

  1. Same as 1 (a) above
  2. Same as 1 (b) above – with storage tank disconnected. The return hose pipe to the circulating tank should be connected at union outlet
  3. Same as 1 (c) - without filling storage tank
  4. Same as 1 (d)

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: Scalgun-Saf-Liquid
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Emulsion Type Cleaner


Emulsion Type Cleaner
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Emulsoil-PL is a metal cleaner consisting of surface active agents, emulsifiers, foam suppresents and anti-corrosive additives. It is a clear homogenous liquid which can be used directly or diluted with Water, Kerosene, and Petroleum Solvents. When diluted with water from 1-30% , it gives a stable milky emulsion. It removes greasy residues, oils, dust and soils very effectively. It does not contain alkalies, acids, phenolic compounds or toxic solvents and hence it is extremely safe to use. It is non-dangerous, non-toxic and non-corrosive. It is suitable for ferrous as well as on non-ferrous metals, sheets, parts or components.


Uses :

Emulsoil–PL can be used for cleaning automotive components, engine blocks, castings, aero & diesel engines. It can also be used for cleaning of industrial floors, exterior shells of cars, buses, railway wagons, aircrafts etc. by means of pressurised hoses. It can be used by hand wiping for cleaning furniture, painted surfaces etc.


Operating parameters







(kg/cm² )


2 – 5 % (v/v)

5 – 10% (v/v)

60°C - 65°C

Room Temp.

1 – 5


2 – 10

5 – 20

v/v= Volume by volume


If  Emulsoil -PL is used by hot spray, the components will dry immediately and no further washing or rinsing operation is necessary. However an additional drying stage for quicker drying by a blower or compressed air will extend the protection period. The clean components will be resistant to atmospheric oxidation due to the inclusion of Anti-corrosion additives in  Emulsoil -PL. When used at extremely high spray pressures, the addition of  Emulsoil -PL should be made very gradually to the bath while performing the spray cleaning operation. The concentrations should be raised to the desired level over a period of 2-4 hours of operation. The spray parameters stated above will vary depending on the degree and type of contamination and hence these are approximate guidelines. For superior performance our expert advice may be solicited.


Packing : 5, 30 & 205 Litres

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: EMULSOIL-PL
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Maintenance Chemicals


Maintenance Chemicals
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Product Details:
Grade StandardReagent Grade, 5
Packaging Size5 litre, 30 litre
Packaging Typecan
Physical StatePowder, Liquid

Key Words For Ashok Industry.

Product Categories :


  • Acid Inhibitors
  • Aluminium Brighteners
  • Aluminium Chromating Chemicals
  • Aluminium Cleaners & Brighteners
  • Anti Freeze Coolant For Radiators
  • Anti –Rust Powder
  • Biocides F Or Cooling Water Systems
  • Biocides For Cooling Towers
  • Blackening Salts For Steel
  • Blueing Process For Iron & Steel
  • Brass Cleaners & Brighteners
  • Brightening Chemicals For Copper
  • Brightening Chemicals For Brass
  • Carbon Removers
  • Chromating Chemicals
  • Chromatising Chemicals
  • Cleaning / Descaling Chemicals For Radiator, Air Conditioners , Condensers
  • Cleaning Chemicals For Ultrasonic Equipment S
  • Cleaning Cum Spray Phosphating
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Corrosion Preventives
  • Cutting Coolants / Fluids
  • Cutting Oils
  • Cyanide Waste Neutralizer
  • Deburring Cleaning Chemicals
  • Deburring Finishing Chemicals
  • Degreasing Chemicals
  • Descalents For Boilers & Heat Exchangers
  • Descaling Chemicals
  • Descaling/ Cleaning Chemicals For Solar Water Heaters
  • Dewatering Type Rust Preventives
  • Etchants For Alumunium
  • Heat Treatment Salts
  • Heat Treatment Scale Removers
  • Iron Phosphating Chemicals
  • Liquid Carburising Salts
  • Manganese Phosphating Chemicals
  • Metal Finishing Chemicals
  • Metal Pretreatment Chemicals
  • Metal Treatment Chemicals
  • Neutral Hardening Salts
  • Pack Carburising Compound
  • Paint Booth Additives
  • Paint Booth Compound
  • Paint Removers / Strippers
  • Peelable Coatings
  • Phosphating Chemicals
  • Pickling Chemicals
  • Powder Coat Strippers / Removers
  • Pre Treatment Chemicals
  • Pretreatment Before Powder Coating
  • Room Temp Blackening Process
  • Rust Converters
  • Rust Preventive Oils
  • Rust Removers
  • Scale & Rust Preventives For Cooling Water Systems
  • Scale Removers
  • Spray Cleaning Compounds
  • Strippable Coatings
  • Tempering & Quenching Salts
  • Three In One Cleaning Cum Phosphating Chemicals
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals
  • Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitors
  • VCI Powder
  • Vibratory Finishing Chemicals
  • Water Displacing Type Rust Preventives
  • Water Soluble Rust Preventives
  • Zinc Phosphating Chemicals
  • Zinc Phosphating Chemicals For Tube Drawing Applications
  • Zinc Phosphating Chemicals For Wire Drawing Applications
  • Metal Cleaning Chemicals
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Paint Booth Additive


Paint Booth Additive
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In Paint Spray Booths having water curtain, the oversprayed paint flows with the water as a viscous liquid. This paint tends to adhere to pumps, pipes, nozzles etc. causing it to clog. It also gets through to the exhaust fans, where it coats the fan blades and ducts.


To overcome all these problems, Ashok Industry offers a revolutionary product ‘PAINT ACCUMULATOR’ – a chemical additive that ‘kills’ paint and causes it to remain in the form of individual non-adhering, non-coagulating droplets.


Following are several advantages of adding ‘PAINT ACCUMULATOR’ to the wash water of PAINT BOOTHS :-


  1. To prevent clogging

  2. To prevent build-up of over-sprayed paints

  3. To simplify cleaning operations

  4. To reduce maintenance costs


Application and control is very simple and economical. PAINT ACCUMULATOR is available in two standard packing of 10 kgs and 50 kgs.


Ashok Industry, an ISO 9001 Certified Company manufacture a wide range of metallic surface treatment chemicals.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: Paint-Accumulator
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Paint Booth Additive


Paint Booth Additive
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(Paint Spray Booth water Curtain Additive)


In paint Spray Booths having water curtain, the over sprayed paint gets carried away with the water to the sump. When paint flows with the water as viscous liquid it is likely to adhere to pumps, pipes, nozzles etc. causing it to clog. Over sprayed paint also gets through to the exhaust fans, where it coats the blades and interior of exhaust ducts. To overcome all these problems, the wash water is treated with PAINT ACCUMULATOR – a chemical additive that ‘kills’ paint or causes it to remain in the form of individual, non-adhering, non-coagulating droplets.




            To reduce maintenance costs.

            To prevent clogging of pipes, pumps, nozzles etc.

            To prevent build-up of oversprayed paints.

            To facilities easy removal of paint scum and simplify cleaning operations



The equipments of paint spray booth should be clean before the PAINT ACCUMULATOR is added to the tank and the tank should be first filled with water and pump should be started. When the water is circulating, PAINT ACCUMULATOR should be added slowly at the intake of the pump of the reservoir at the rate of 0.5% i.e. half  kg. per 100 litres of water. After mixing and dissolving  within a few minutes, the booth is ready to operate. pH of the water solution should show around 11 by pH indicator paper. If it shows below that, more PAINT ACCUMULATOR must be added.



Small, regular additions of PAINT ACCUMULATOR must be made to maintain pH above 11. Under no circumstances should it be allowed to fall below 10.5. More accurate test control may be made by titrating 10ml. sample of above solution with N/10 Sulphuric Acid using 2 to 3 drops of Methyl Orange indicator from the burrette until the colour changes from green to red. For 0.5% solution of PAINT ACCUMULATOR the pointage should show around 7.0. For each pointage below normal, 7 to 8 gms of PAINT ACCUMULATOR must be added to 100 litres of the solution.




1)     PAINT ACCUMULATOR should not be allowed to come in direct contact with skin or eyes. If it does, then it should be washed off with plenty of fresh water. However, once diluted, it is safe and no precautions are necessary.

2)     PVC/Rubber gloves, apron, and eye shields should be worn while handling PAINT ACCUMULATOR.


PACKING :- 10 Kgs. & 50 Kgs.


NON-WARRANTY:   The information in this bulletin is based on our  experience and tests which we believe

to be reliable, but offer no guarantee  and accept no responsibility for operations not under our direct control.


"FOR ANY COMPLAINTS CALL on: 91-22-61504150 WITH

Additional Information:

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Spray Cleaning Chemical


Spray Cleaning Chemical
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(Cleaner and Anti - Rust For Spray Machines)


EMULSOIL-PLS is a metal cleaner consisting of surface active agents, emulsifiers, foam suppresants and anti-corrosive additives. It is a clear homogenous liquid which can be used directly or diluted with Water, Kerosene, and Petroleum Solvents. When diluted with water from 1-30%, it gives a stable milky emulsion. It removes greasy residues, oils, dirt, dust, and soils very effectively. It does not contain alkalies, acids, phenolic compounds or toxic solvents, it is neutral to pH and hence it is extremely safe to use. It is non-dangerous, non toxic and non-corrosive. It is suitable for ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals, sheets, parts, or components.


1) For cleaning of castings, engine blocks, components and assemblies in single stage or multi stage spray washing machines.

2) Dip degreasing of components prior to phosphating, blackodising, plating or general purpose cleaning.

3) For cleaning ferrous and non-ferrous parts and components in ultrasonic machines.

4) For cleaning industrial floors, rigs, offshore platforms, ship floors and under body cleaning of cars, buses, railways in maintenance workshops by high pressure jetting.

For cleaning exterior bodies of cars, buses, trains, aircrafts etc. by wiping or spraying

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: EMULSOIL-PLS
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Rust Loosening Fluid


Rust Loosening Fluid
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Rust SOLV-OL is an oil based composition having several unique properties combined in a single product. RUST SOLV-OL has the properties of disintegrating & destroying rust; penetrating jammed mechanisms displacing moisture & water, cleaning, lubricating, and protecting against corrosion.


Rust SOLV-OL is non-corrosive, non-conductive, non-poisonous, and harmless to any type of metals, plastics, glass, leather, paints and human skin. It dissolves stubborn grease, tar and carbon-deposits. It has excellent penetrating power to reach inaccessible areas such as corners, crevices, cracks even in presence of moisture, or rust.




  • For loosening rusted nuts, bolts, flanged connections, couplings, pulleys, gears, sprockets or other frozen parts

  • To free sticky mechanisms and jammed locks

  • To stop squeaks in springs, sliding mechanisms, hinges, bearings, brake joints, etc

  • To clean blocked gas burners, guns, fishing reels, etc

  • To start wet engines and salvage flooded electric motors

  • For eliminating moisture induced short circuits and insulate electrical equipments against water vapour/moisture

  • To clean spark-plugs and various other motor-parts in service

  • To provide light lubrication on moving parts and reactivate old-dry grease

  • To prevent corrosion of ferrous components whether finished, in process or in storage


Regular use of RUST SOLV-OL prevents rust, corrosion, makes servicing easier, quicker & inexpensive and keeps all vital parts in top operating condition.


RUST SOLV-OL is to be used directly by spraying brushing or dipping. Repeat application if necessary.



For spraying application, RUST SOLV-OL can be poured in any plastic spray bottle and then sprayed. It can also be sprayed continuously with help of spray gun & air compressor.


PACKINGS : 5 Litres & 30 Litres.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: RUST-SOLV-OL
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Descaling Chemical For Boilers


Descaling Chemical For Boilers
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Scalgun-WS, manufactured by ashok industry an iso 9001 certified company is widely used for safe and effective descaling/cleaning of boiler tubes. Scalgun-ws is tried, tested and trusted for over 45 years. Descaling chemicals, descaling / cleaning chemicals for solar water heaters. It also heat treatment scale removers.  

a 5% - 10% solution of Scalgun-WS with water can be made and then either circulated or left overnight at ambient temperature to remove all water scale deposits without attacking the base metals. Scalgun additive at 1% may be added separately if required to remove for silica scales. After descaling, flush with water and passivate with 1% solution of asfofix-p with water.

Scalgun-WS is available in standard packing of 35 kgs.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: SCALGUN-WS
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Scalgun -Saf Liquid- (Solar)


Scalgun -Saf Liquid- (Solar)
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The use of Solar Water Heating Systems has gained wide acceptance all over India. Due to the water hardness and temperature difference water scales get deposited in the copper tubes thus reducing the water flow and temperatures.


Scalgun -Saf Liquid manufactured by Ashok Industry is a very safe chemical which is widely used for descaling/cleaning of the copper tubes of Solar Water Systems. It is very simple to use and cleans the copper tubes completely thereby restoring normal water flow and temperatures.


Scalgun -Saf Liquid is supplied in concentrated liquid form which is diluted with water 10-20 times for actual use. It is supplied in Standard Packing of 6 kgs 40 kgs Polythene Carboys.


Ashok Industry manufactures various types of metal cleaning and descaling chemicals since 1960 and is an ISO 9001 Certified Company.

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Cleaning Chemical


Cleaning Chemical For Radiator

SCALGUN-AR-303 is an acidic liquid chemical product used for cleaning cum degreasing of Radiators. It removes light oils along with light scale and rust present on non-ferrous or ferrous surfaces.

Physical Properties :


  • Physical Appearance : Clear colourless liquid free from dirt and insoluble matter
  • Odour : Almost nil
  • Specific Gravity : 1.05 0.02
  • Solubility : Completely soluble in water in all proportions
  • pH : less than 2

Application :

Prepare a 5-10% solution of SCALGUN-AR-303 solution with water in a Plastic tank or container. Dip the Radiators to be cleaned in this solution at 25C – 60C for 10 minutes or more depending on the amount of soils present on the surface.

Remove the radiators, then wash off with water and dry or take for further processing as the case may be.

Application for cleaning installed Radiators :

If the Radiators are to be cleaned from inside only then a 5% solution of SCALGUN-AR-303 should be filled completely in the Radiator. Run the engine at idle for 15-20 minutes at room temperature or slightly hot and then discard the solution & flush with plenty of water.

Safety Precautions :

Wear PVC/Rubber gloves while working with SCALGUN-AR-303.

Packing : 5 Kgs, 10 Kgs & 30 Kgs HDPE Carboys.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: SCALGUN-AR-303

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Rust Converter


Asfocoat-blk is a dark brown liquid which when applied on rusty metallic structures particularly iron & steel surfaces, converts the rust into black protective coating. Even the best paints cannot give full protection if they are applied on steel surface which is not entirely free from rust. Durability of the paint film depends as much upon the quality of the surface to be treated as upon the quality of the paint.


if portions of the body or hands become black on account of asfocoat-blk coating, it can be removed by washing hands with lemon and water.

Packing: 5 kgs, 10 kgs & 35 kgs.

Asfosil is our brand of range of rust preventives various rust removing methods such as sand blasting, flame cleaning, wire brushing, grinding by abrasives are not only expensive and tedious but time consuming. Moreover they expose the base metal again to corrosion and rust may reappear even before the primer coating is applied.


Paints applied over Asfocoat-blk coating are 2 to 3 times more durable when applied on rusty surface. It has very easy application with little labour. No special equipments are needed. Rust removing operations are eliminated & metallic surface is converted into more useful and hard blue black protective coating. Asfocoat-blk is a guarantee of long lasting protection.

Asfocoat-blk is such an active chemical that it reacts in depth with all the rusty layers & forms a protective film which prevents further rust formation. Asfocoat-blk has a triple action on rust.

  1. penetrates through all the rust layers

  2. reacts with all the rust deposits & converts them to a metal organic compound of a hard blue black colour

  3. stabilizes and binds the rust layers into a 100% protective neutral coat

Uses of asfocoat-blk:

It is particularly recommended for shipbuilding structures, factory structures, storage tanks, heavy machinery and engineering equipment, steel frames, cranes, pipe lines, oil refinery, steel structures and various other uses, for all rusted surfaces prior to painting or repainting.

Method of application:

Oil, grease, dirt and loose paint if present must be removed first, then loose rust must be removed by wire scrubbing or emery paper. Asfocoat-blk is diluted with equal part of water and then applied on the rusted iron or steel surfaces and then allowed to dry.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: ASFOCOAT-BLK

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