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Metal Finishing Chemicals

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Metal Finishing Chemicals that find application for various purposes. Quality tested on various parameters, we assure our clients completely flawless  products. Extremely effective, our range can be availed in standard as well as customized dimensions as per the requirement of our clients. Our complete range can be availed at market leading prices.

Impart Jet Black Conversion Coating

Impart Jet Black Conversion Coating

Item Code: ASHBLACK-RT-10

ASHBLAK RT-10 is a new revolutionary development in cold black finishing. It will impart jet black conversion coating to steels, cast iron and other ferrous metals at room-temperature.

ASHBLAK RT-10 process is easy to do in-house. It is non-caustic, non-splattering, safe, energy saving, fast, dependable and convenient. It increases productivity and lowers labour costs. Finishing can be done anywhere without special equipment, ventilation, heating systems or any complicated control procedures.

Equipment required

Acid Resistant tanks, containers, tumbling barrels, baskets, hooks and racks must be used with ASHBLAK RT-10 and derusting tank. Plastic or Rubber lined tanks and plastic-coated hooks and racks are suitable for both ASHBLAK RT-10 and derusting tanks. Mild steel may be used for degreasing, rinsing & sealant tanks.


Directions for use


  1. Thoroughly clean and degrease the pieces to be blackened in STRIPPER-HD or ASFOCLEAN-B. The type and degree of surface soil will determine the length of time and the number of cleaning steps and cleaning temperature (M.S. Tank).


  1. Rinse thoroughly in overflowing cold water (M.S. Tank).


  1. a) Surface rust, if present, should be removed following cleaning cycle using SCALGUN at a concentration of 1:1 at room temperature (FRP Tank).


b) Activation will be required for parts that are heat treated, work-hardened, micro-finished, etc. This can be done using SCALGUN-HL at 1:1 concentration at room temperature for 1 – 2 minutes (FRP Tank).


  1. Rinse thoroughly in overflowing cold water (M.S. Tank).


  1. Immerse the pieces in ASHBLAK RT-10 solution. ASHBLAK RT-10 solution is to be diluted with 6 to 12 parts of water depending on alloy and surface, hardness. The immersion time necessary to produce the desired depth of black, is usually one to three minutes. For most parts a dilution of one part ASHBLAK RT-10 with 9 parts of water would give good results (FRP Tank).


  1. Rinse the pieces in overflowing cold water for 30 seconds (M.S. Tank).



  1. Immerse the pieces in ASFOSIL-DW, a dewatering type rust preventive at room temperature for 2 minutes to seal the finish and impart corrosion resistance (M.S. Tank).


The above parts can be sealed while wet or dry. If parts have to be dried prior to sealing, step 6 should be followed with a hot water rinse and the parts to be sealed as soon as they are dry.


A wide range of rust preventives are available with us. Consult us on what type of finish and protection you require for your parts or components and we can suggest a suitable ASFOSIL.


ASHBLAK-RT10, a chemical manufactured by Ashok Industry produces jet black coatings on ferrous parts and components, at room temperature.  It is a very simple and economical process that can be done in house without any specialized equipments.

Clean parts are simply immersed in a diluted solution of ASHBLAK-RT10 with water at room temperature for 2 – 10 minutes till a black coating is obtained.  Parts are then rinsed with water and dipped in ASFOSIL-DW – a dewatering type oil to seal the black finish and impart corrosion-resistance.

Copklin Liquid Chemical Composition

Copklin Liquid Chemical Composition

Item Code: COPKLIN-1

COPKLIN-1 manufactured by Ashok Industry is used for brightening of copper & brass parts, strips, wires, coils, tubes, etc.  It can also be used for cleaning old tarnished parts or for plating pre-treatments.

COPKLIN-1 is a liquid chemical composition and is supplied in a concentrated form.  For use, it is to be diluted with water.

Parts are simply immersed in this solution for 1 to 5 minutes and then rinsed with water. COPKLIN-1 is supplied in 2 standard packings of 7 & 30 kgs.  Ashok Industry manufactures various industrial specialty chemicals since 1960 and is an ISO 9001 Certified Company.

Black Stains

Black Stains


We are counted amongst the leaders in manufacturing and exporting Black Stains to the customers. These products are widely utilized in the market for accurate composition and flawless quality standards. Processed with premium grade chemicals, these products are extensively used for diverse industrial applications. All these products are tested on various parameters before the final dispatch.


  • Appropriate composition
  • Accurate PH value
  • Longer shelf life

Chromatising Chemical

Chromatising Chemical

Item Code: ASHCROM-Z

The Chromatising Chemical for Galvanized offered by us are widely acknowledge among the customer base for their high quality standards. These products are processed with graded chemicals sourced from trusted merchants of the industry. The Chromatising Chemical is basically used for providing corrosion resistance and for increasing the adhesion property of paints.

Other  features:

  • Tough coating
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Stable in nature.

Machined Components

Machined Components

Item Code: ASFOCOAT-51

This low temperature process can be operated at any temperature in the range of 30-70°C. to produce compact, adherent, complex Zinc Phosphate conversion coating on mild steel.  The coatings produced have excellent corrosion resistance properties. Extremely heavy weight coatings up to 5 microns in thickness can be achieved by this process.  However, for paint application medium to light weight coatings having a find microcrystalline structure can be produced.  This fine grain structure affords excellent paint adhesion.


It is used on all steel surfaces which are to be painted.  It is also used on ground and machined components, automobile spare parts, defence equipments, machinery components etc.

Sr. No. Stage Chemical Concentration Temperature Time (minutes) Tank
1 Degrease STRIPPER-HD 5% - 10% (w/v) R.T.- 90?C 05/20/10 * M.S./Plastic
2 Rinse WATER - R.T. 1 M.S./Plastic
3 Derust SCALGUN or RUST SOLVENT 15% -25% (v/v) R.T. 05/30/10 Plastic/ FRP lined M.S.
4 Rinse WATER - R.T. 1 M.S./Plastic
5 Activate ASHPREP (Optional) 0.4% (w/v) R.T. 1 M.S./Plastic
6 Phosphate + Additive ASFOCOAT-51 + ACCELERATOR 4% - 8% (v/v) 0.2% (w/v) 40?C-70?C 05/15/10 M.S.
7 Rinse WATER - R.T. 1 M.S./Plastic
8 Passivate ASFOFIX-A 0.025%-0.25%(v/v) R.T.-70?C 1 * M.S./Plastic
9 Dry-off immediately with help of hot air blower or compressed air or under fan.


  • While preparing any bath, always add chemical to water.
  • While preparing bath, first add the required amount of chemical to water and then add ACCELERATOR as stated below.
  • ACCELERATOR should always be dissolved separately in a small quantity of water and this solution is then sprinkled uniformly in the phosphating bath.
  • False bottom should be provided  in each tank to avoid parts from touching the bottom and to maintain bath free from sludge interference.
  • Phosphating bath should be decanted periodically to remove sludge settled at the bottom of the tank.
  • Manual swabbing with the degreasing solution is advisable for heavy oily contamination.
  • The quality and uniformity of the phosphate coating is directly dependent on the pre-treatment prior to phosphating. It is essential that the parts are absolutely free of oil, rust, dust, scales and other contaminants before immersing in the phosphating bath.
  • pH of the passivating bath should be maintained between 3 & 5. Passivating bath should be discarded periodically and made fresh.
  • Additions to all chemical tanks should be made daily and regularly to obtain consistently uniform results. 
  • All rinse water baths should be made fresh at least twice a week.
  • Activation with ASHPREP at 0.5% with water should be carried out just prior to phosphating to get a compact dense zinc phosphate coating.

Hot Blackening Compound

Hot Blackening Compound

Item Code: Feroxy-Blackening-Compound

Ours is a noted name in the market for manufacturing and exporting Hot Blackening Compounds to the customers. These products are extensively used in the steel industries for the purpose of creating a black, smooth and corrosion resistant coating on steel and iron products. Al these compounds are processed with contemporary machines installed in the unit, which ensures that the products are of accurate composition.




  • High coating thickness
  • Resistant to iron & copper contamination
  • Saves excess heat due to low sludge


Carbon Removers

Carbon Removers



(Heavy Duty Degreaser)


EKTRAKLIN is an excellent degreasing agent & almost instantaneously removes grease, oils, dirt, moisture etc. from all kinds of multimetal assemblies, engine blocks, components and sheet metal parts. It is a stabilised blend of solvents and emulsifiers which are fast acting thereby saving time and money for cleaning costly equipments. It is non-conductive, non-corrosive and low in toxic effects. It is very effectively used for cleaning refrigerant lines of air-conditioning equipment as it is compatible with most refrigerants especially the latest R114 (Non-CFC) fluids.




I.                   By Dipping :-               

Parts/Components can be directly dipped in a Mild steel container containing EKTRAKLIN for 1-5 minutes or more depending on the contamination. They should be air dried with compressed air on removing.


II.                By Brushing /Wiping :-

Parts can be cleaned by brushing or wiping  but the operator should wear PVC gloves & eye glasses to protect against any splashes that may occur during operations. Cleaned             parts can then be wiped  with a dry cloth.


III.             By circulation :-

Refrigerant lines of air conditioning equipment or any other cooling System can be cleaned to remove any greases, oil or loose carbon deposits  by circulating EKTRAKLIN  through these lines for about 3-5 minutes. After cleaning, the system should be purged with moisture  free nitrogen gas. For heavily contaminated line the cleaning  operation can be repeated twice.


Notes :

1)      Container/Tanks containing EKTRAKLIN should be kept closed\covered when not in use.

2)      Operations with EKTRAKLIN should be done in well ventilated areas.

3)      EKTRAKLIN should be kept away from fire and/or hot areas like ovens, furnaces etc. as in certain cases it may support burning.



1.      Use of PVC gloves and eye goggles is highly recommended. In case of prolonged continuous exposures, use of face mask and breathing equipment may prove beneficial

2.      Splashes on the skin should be washed with plenty of fresh water & thereafter consult physician

3.      Preserve EKTRAKILN in closed containers in a cool dry place. Do not subject it to heat


PACKING:   6 Kgs,12Kgs  &  40 Kgs.


Blueing Chemical

Blueing Chemical

Item Code: Feroxy-Blueing-Salt

Feroxy blackening compound

             (Treatment Produces Smooth Black Coating on M.S)


I.                   Introduction:  

This hot oxidising process produces a smooth, glossy, jet black finish on M.S., Ferrous metals and some of its alloys. Blueing process for iron & steel. This black finish is very decorative and when sealed properly with a suitable rust preventive like ASFOSIL-DW, it affords lustre and long term protection to the parts against corrosion and oxidation. 

Its a blackening salt for a steel.                                                                         

Packing:  10 Kgs & 50 Kgs.  




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