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Heat Treatment Salts

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Metal Treatment Salts that find application for various purposes. Quality tested on various parameters, we assure our clients completely flawless  products. Extremely effective, our range can be availed in standard as well as customized dimensions as per the requirement of our clients. Our complete range can be availed at market leading prices.

Neutral Hardening Salt

Neutral Hardening Salt

Item Code: ASHTREAT-660

ASHTREAT-660 is a neutral Hardening salt which has no tendency to decarburise steel.


Hot melt bath at about 800-900 °C is used for heat treatment of various carbon and alloy steels. It is very suitable for heat treatment of parts which have already been carburised and then selectively machined.

Procedure :

ASHTREAT-660 bath can be easily made up by weighing the required quantity of salt and placing in a furnace fitted with special mild steel or heat resistance alloy pot or in a ceramic lined electrode type furnace. Salt is melted and further heated at the operating temperature. Parts are inserted in completely dry and clean condition and allowed to remain at that temperature for about 5 to 30 minutes for small size components and 1 to 2 hours for large size components depending upon the thickness and volume of the articles. If the salt bath is covered with a ASHTREAT-Additive layer it can be worked upto 1000 °C.

Maintenance :

Every day, the sludge collected at the bottom of the pot should be removed and fresh ASHTREAT-660 be added to raise the bath to normal working level. In order to regenerate the bath, small addition of about 0.5% of FEROSIL may be added to the heated salt bath. This periodic oxidation of the bath should be carried out once a shift, in order to keep the bath in neutral condition.

Note :

For the Heat Treatment of Stainless Steel or cutlery, equal parts of ASHTREAT-660 and ASHTREAT-960 may be made up and used in the range of 900-1100 °C. In these baths any carbon layers should not be used since the stainless steel components will suffer loss in corrosion resistance due to absorption of carbon.

Packing : 50 Kgs.

Liquid Carburising Salts

Liquid Carburising Salts

Item Code: ASHTREAT-960

ASHTREAT-960 heat treatment salt gives excellent results for final hardening temperature for high speed steels. liquid carburising salts. ASHTREAT-960 can be used for hot die steel, high carbon, high chrome non-shrinking die steel. At present about 90% of the high speed tools are being hardened in salt bath and because it requires furnace for pre-heating for which we recommend you to use our ASHTREAT-540 or ASHTREAT-670 and a high temperature furnace for super heating. We recommend you to use our salt ASHTREAT-960.


The furnaces required for this stage of treatment : Most economical one is electrodes type furnace. The pot of these furnace should be made out of fire bricks and fire clay or silica. The electrodes-the best one is 25% chrome 2% nickel steel or 18/8 stainless steel, but for economy purpose, low carbon steel or mild steel also can be used.


In the super heat furnace the high speed components are kept for shorter time to avoid oxidising and decarburising. The temperature control in this stage is most important it should not be higher than the specified temperature for the salts. If it is taken on the higher side, it will not only spoil the components but will spoil the complete bath as well. For controlling the temperature, radiation pyrometer can be used or controlled pyrometer with compensating lead wire and thermocouple should be platinum-rhodium 10-13% type.


After every charge of the bath, if the furnace is tilting type, the liquified salts can be drained out and should be preserved for re-use, or if the furnace is fixed type, the salts will remain in the pot and the same can be reused by starting the furnaces. In this case only fresh salt should be added to maintain the level of the bath.


The time factor for the salt bath dipping can be decided by technician according to the job. But it is a common practice being a high temperature bath, the time should always be calculated in seconds however, general practice is to keep 30 seconds to maximum 7 minutes.


The soaking time depends as per cross section of the components, it should be kept 20 minutes per sq.inch in preheating bath of ASHTREAT-670 or ASHTREAT-540.

Packing : 50 Kgs.

Neutral Chloride Salts

Neutral Chloride Salts

Item Code: ASHTEMP-495

Our above product is a granular mixture of neutral chloride salts in white colour. Its low melting point and wide working range make it suitable for many heat treatment operations of steel. These include preheating for hardening sub-critical annealing, high temperature drawing and hot quenching of high alloy tool steels. Heat treatment salts. It is specially suitable as a hardening and tempering medium when parts are oil quenched, and then drawn at relatively high temperature since no intermediate washing is required.

This salt is less hydroscopic-than ashtemp-430 neutral salt. Parts should be washed soon after the treatment. An agitated hot water wash is suitable medium. Wash water should be changed frequently so as to minimize concentration of dissolved salts. Thereafter parts should be provided with anti rust protection either by using straight water. Displacible rust preventives of asfosil type or water, soluble type rust protectives for short term.

If the bath is operated above 760 °c, ashtreat additive should be used as floating layer which eliminate the need for rectification of bath.

Above salt has a specific heat of 0. 27. Above salt can be used in all types of salt bath furnaces. But submerged electrode furnaces with ceramic lined pots are the ideal equipment.

Caution :
Do not contaminate this salt with a cyanide salt or nitrate & carbonate salts which will precipitate and form scum or sludge.
It is equivalent to qs-495

It is available in 10 kgs and 50 kgs drum packing.

It is a low temperature working neutral salt used for quenching or tempering of high speed steels.

Working temperature range : 490 °c – 870 °c.

Cyanide Salt

Cyanide Salt


Ours is a noted firm in manufacturing and exporting Cyanide Salts. Chemicals used for manufacturing these products are sourced from reliable vendors, which aids in keeping up with the quality standards. These products are extensively used in the mining industry, medical science, pesticides and many other compounds.


Listed below are the noted features of this product:


  • Accurate composition
  • Precise PH value
  • Highly toxic

Heat Treatment Scale Remover

Heat Treatment Scale Remover

Item Code: Scalgun-HT

Scalgun-ht is used for removal of heat treatment scales, heat treatment salts etc. After the jobs are heat treated. Heat treated jobs having various contaminants can be cleaned in scalgun-ht bath without loss in hardness or without any metal loss. It is descalents for boilers and heat exchanger. The parts thus cleaned should then be water rinsed, and dried. Suitable rust preventives, oils, should be applied afterwards to give rust protection.


Scalgun-ht can be used in plastic or frp/pvc lined m. S. Tank or container.
  1. Prepare 20% - 50% by volume of Scalgun-ht with water

  2. Immerse the contaminated parts in this solution for 15-60 minutes at room temperature till parts are completely cleaned

  3. Inse with fresh running water

  4. Immerse parts in 1-2% solution of corobit-arp with water at room temperature at 60ºc for 2-3 minutes to neutralise and passivate the parts. Maintain the ph of this solution between 9-10

  5. Dry the surface, or dip in asfosil-dw for preserving and protecting them for 3-4 months

Notes/ Precautions:

Since Scalgun-ht is highly acidic due care must be taken while handling or using this chemical.


  1. Always wear PVC/rubber gloves, aprons and eyeshields

  2. Any splatters or splashes of scalgun-ht or its solution on skin or eyes should be washed off with plenty of water and then consult physician if necessary

Packing: 5 kgs, 10 kgs & 35 kgs.

Additive For Neutral Hardening

Additive For Neutral Hardening

Item Code: Ashtreat-Additive

It is used as topping layer over the neutral hardening salt bath such as ASHTREAT-660 or ASHTREAT-720 in order to prevent fuming & spiriting of salt thereby preventing decarburisation and to prevent loss of heat energy. This saves fuel consumption and increases the pot life of salt bath. Hence it works as an Economiser.


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