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Acid Inhibitors


Acid Inhibitors
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(Corrosion Inhibitor for Acid Pickling and Descaling of Boilers with Acids)


COROBIT-1001 is a mixture of various chemicals and acts as an efficient inhibitor for acid pickling.  It has remarkable properties to stop corrosion by sulphuric and hydrochloric acid pickling of metals.  Mill scales or oxide scales that would be detremental in fabricating of steel components, are removed by the action of mineral acid which not only removes the scale but also attacks the true metal itself.  The hydrogen evolution builds up enough pressure which not only blows off the scales but also damages the metal.  Addition of very small amount of COROBIT-1001 to acid pickling bath reduces hydrogen evolution and hence reduces the attack on metal.




1)      When COROBIT-1001 is added to the pickling bath, acid requirements are minimised since acid baths give a longer life and need renewal less frequently.  Labour costs are thus reduced in charging and cleaning baths.  Quantity of spent liquor to dispose off is considerably reduced.

2)      Addition of COROBIT-1001 improves the quality of the pickled products. Smooth, bright and clean surfaces are produced.  Many alloys steel can be pickled together with low carbon steels.  Blistering of sheets and embrittlement of the metals due to hydrogen evolution are minimised.

3)      Use of COROBIT-1001 cuts down pickling costs since less acids are required.  Metals losses and heat generation are also appreciably reduced.  So it becomes cheaper to pickle with COROBIT-1001 then with an uninhibited acidic bath.

4)      Wires or rods pickled with the use of COROBIT-1001 are more clean and breakages are minimised.  It makes possible pickling of sheets over a wide range of concentration and temperature .  Further it improves the surface and prevents “BURNING OFF THE METALS”  due to higher concentration and prolonged pickling.

5)      Since addition of COROBIT-1001 minimizes attack on the metal, iron content of the pickled bath increases gradually prolonging the life of the bath.




0.1% to 0.5% of COROBIT-1001 is to be added in an acid pickling bath depending upon the concentration of the acid used.  It can also be used in acid cleaning of Boilers and Boiler tubes, to suppress the attack on metal and hence to avoid heavy metal losses.



ACID PICKLING without Inhibitor


Acid Pickling with COROBIT-1001



20% HCL at

Room Temperature

10% Sulphuric

Acid at 75°C

20% HCL and

0.1% COROBIT-1001

at room temperature

10% Sulphuric Acid with 0.10% COROBIT-1001 at 75°C


0.90 gms

0.32 gms

0.14 gms

0.046 gms




 10 kgs & 30 kg






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  • Item Code: COROBIT-1001
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Aluminum Brighteners


Aluminum Brighteners
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(Chemical Polishing Fluid for Aluminium)


Above product is in liquid form and highly acidic in nature. It produces excellent shining and polishing effect on Aluminium and its alloys except for alloys containing silicon.




It is to be used directly in a lead lined equipment or stainless steel 316 quality tank and heated at about 160 to 180°F. Then clean aluminium parts are dipped for 1 to 5 minutes depending upon the finish required. The small parts are preferably loaded first in a perforated basket made of stainless steel or S.S. Wire netting tray with a hook attached to it. This basket is directly dipped in hot ALPOL-2 liquid, for the required time. The parts are washed with cold water and then with hot water. They are then immediately dried.




1.      Use hand gloves while preparing and using the ALPOL-2 solution.


2.      Use ALPOL-2 very carefully avoiding splashing on the skin. If the solution is splashed on skin, wash with plenty of water, and consult Physician for further treatment.


3.      Provide for lip exhaust to the tank.



PACKINGS:  8 Kgs,  16 Kgs  &  50 Kgs.  Polythene Containers.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: ALPOL-2
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Etching Chemical


Etching Chemical
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Etching Chemical For Aluminium
Scalgun-a is an aqueous acidic mixture, soluble in varying proportions with water. It is a very effective degreaser, etcher and desmutter for aluminium surfaces. It does all these three functions in one operation. Its etchants for aluminium.

Scalgun-a is used at low temperatures and low concentrations and does not give rise to scale or sludge nor does it generate fumes in working environment.

A uniform matt finish is produced over a wide concentration range with a low level of metal removal.

Application :
Scalgun-a is most suitable for pre-treatments before chromatising as it performs three functions simultaneously mainly that of degreasing, etching and desmutting. Chromate coatings thus produced after pretreatment with scalgun-a are uniform and adherent.

Scalgun-a is most suitable by dipping process. It is to be used in plastic tank or container.

The following parameters should be followed. Exact parameters should be set after trials.

Concentration time temperature
3% - 8% (v/v) 2 - 10 minutes r. T. - 40? C

Control & maintenance :

  1. Fresh addition of scalgun-a should be made daily to maintain strength of solution by titration procedure
  2. Fresh bath should be prepared only when there is excess build-up of soils from heavily oiled surfaces, or when normal additions does not restore original rate
  3. Oil floating on top should be skimmed off daily
  4. Solution should be desludged / filtered once every 3-4 weeks
  5. Stir/agitate the solution everyday before starting to process

Precautions :

  1. Avoid contact with skin, eyes & clothing
  2. Protective clothing such as pvc/rubber gloves, eye goggles and aprons should be worn while handling or working with scalgun-a
  3. For splashes/splatters on eyes or skin wash with fresh water continuously for 1 minute then apply calcium gluconate gel and massage into affected area. consult physician if necessary

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: Scalgun-A
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